SUDAYU -  Natural Food Preservative

SUDAYU - Natural Food Preservative

Sudayu has been commercialized in İstanbul Teknokent A.Ş. with grants from Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of 2011 to Techno-Enterprise Capital Support and 2013 Tübitak 1507 Teydeb Project Support. the patent process and commercialization activities of Sudayu with a patented technology developed in Turkey is supported by İTÜNOV to TTO. In 2018, our product was awarded the "Best Academic Patent Award" by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). Sudayu is a natural food preservative and fruit and vegetable cleaning agent obtained from Class A egg shells. Thanks to the ion exchange effect, bacteria and mold reduce the formation against yeast and slow down the reproduction rate.